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You can purchase our meats at the Calvert County Farmers Market in Lusby on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm, May through September. If you have any questions, or would like to place a special order, please email us at
sales [at] monnettfarms [dot] com. 

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grass fed beef


100% Grass-fed Beef

There are two ways to purchase our beef: by the individual cut from the farmer's market or as a custom order by the side or quarter. Sides and quarters of beef are available once a year, in the Summer and we do have a waiting list. 

We raise angus cattle. Our beef is exclusively grass fed. In season, that means the cows are out on pasture. In the summer and winter, we supplement their feed with hay that we grow on our farm. The cattle also have access to free choice minerals, water and occasionally receive a "treat" of soy hulls which are a by-product of soybeans, similar to the "skin" on a peanut. 



pasture-raised pork


Pasture-raised Pork

We purchase weaned piglets from a local farm in St. Mary’s County and raise them at our farm on pasture (grass). In addition to the forage, the pigs also receive a non-GMO grain feed mix that we purchase at the local Amish feed mill. 

Like our beef, you can purchase our pork one of two ways: by the individual cut at the farmer's market or by the half or whole hog. 



Lamb & Goat


Grass-fed Lamb & Goat Meat

We are one of the few farms in Southern Maryland that produces 100% grass-fed lamb and goat meat. Our sheep are a heritage breed called St. Croix. This is a meat breed and also a "hair sheep" which means they don't need to be sheared and shed out their wool instead. The goats we raise are a breed called Kiko, which originated in New Zealand.

We do not sell whole live lambs or goats at this time. Our lamb and goat meat is only available by the cut at the farmer's market.